Friday, June 20, 2014

So Much Crazy

I hate crazy but sometimes you just have to deal with it.

Some of the crazy includes...

A Very Pregnant Dog who is about to Birth Any Minute. I learned how to build a whelping box which might have been one of THE most frustrating days of my life. Not because building it was hard, but because tools broke. Then we couldn't fix them. Then I had to buy new ones. And all of that took about 5 hours out of my day. Not Happy.  I leaned how to check for impending labor. This includes a thermometer. Daughter asked if I had to put thermometer in the dog's mouth. No. That's now where it goes.  I learned about Doggie Momma Abandonment and how to prevent it. About supplemental feeding of pups. About the ENORMOUS amount of eggs this dog eats. So many that I had to buy a bigger pan to cook them in. 


Saving baby bird from cats, and then having baby bird funerals. 

Sewing dresses for growing girls. This is Simplicity Lisette 1419.  Lots of pattern alteration here.

History feildtrips to the local county historical society. We found through reading John Adam's letters to Abigail that he travelled through our county prior to the revolution and make remark about some nearby features, such as our courthouse and a local mill. We went to the historical society to find out if indeed that was the same location of the county courthouse -it was- and then had a great tour around the museum. We're going to find more local revolutionary spots next week. 

Town festivals with lots of fun and fireworks. Seriously awesome fireworks. But that day was a LOT of walking and wow, LOTS of walking.  The fireworks totally made up for it. And we were right under them. 

 I got the garden planted which is a HUGE relief because food prices are SKYROCKETING and I really need the garden this year.  I already have blossoms.

And, best of all, I figured out what was causing my whole body hives, and the insanity of my dermatographica.  That story I will share later. It deserves a post of its own.

And, as always I've been writing a lot for Sandbox to Socrates and when I do that, my own blog suffers. I'm trying to work though that.


  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE John Adams - what a thrill to read those remarks! Your girls look lovely.

    1. Lisa, when I was reading the letters I had to double take! I thought for sure he wasn't talking about OUR county courthouse. Very exciting stuff!