Thursday, June 26, 2014

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Took the kids on a hike to Butter Milk Falls. 

Back when I was about 8, and this was someplace only people with 4x drives went, my parents took me. There were no stairs to walk up, you hiked up the slate. 

So I was up on the top, hopping around like the goat I thought I was...and I fell. And started sliding down, and down. My father jumped after me, slid down himself, and caught a tree to stop us. 

Thankfully my kids didn't recreate that part of the story. 


Back there, past the falls, in the middle of Nowhere, there is the Walpack Inn. It's like a stone lodge, and they are famous for their bread. Having lived here my whole life, I know that if you are driving by on a Thursday, you can go through the kitchen door and buy a loaf of bread. This one was still warm and smelling like molasses.  It's a beautiful loaf, with such gorgeous gluten development, it's a must have. They cut it into big slabs and serve it as a appetizer. 


I've got Celiac and can't eat it. 


You can take the kids out of country, but you can't take the country out of the kids. 

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  1. Did you get into the water at least? This looks like the scene where I was trying to keep up with my grandson a few years ago and I slipped on a mossy rock (it looked dry!) and broke my shin. :-(

    Your lovely description of the bread was enough to spur me on to breadmaking until your mention of not being able to eat it made me remember that it's not exactly good for me, either.