Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yarning Along

Another week has gone by? Where did it go?

I'm still working on the cowl from last week, still reading the same books, but having been inspired by a friend who was making knitting needle cases, I decided to finally make my own, instead of having them tucked into mason jars all over the house.

My aunt had given me this beautiful piece of tapestry/upholstery fabric, that was just too beautiful to cut, and I only had so much of it. So I had the idea to make a needle roll.

I had to use my daughter's camera, as mine is in use and on a tripod right now, so, this is not all that good. Her camera is good, I just am not that good at using hers.

It's very nice having the needles all tucked away in one place. I can put it in places where the puppy can't chew it.

Now, I just have to find time to knit. It's the perfect weather for it, anyway. 


  1. That really looks nice. Mine are in a long box, and it's a bit of a trick to find what I want in there.

    1. It was so easy, Lisa, I know you could make one, and even more beautiful if you qwilt it!

  2. Your needle case is beautiful! I love the vintage looking fabric.
    (and I shared a couple of your muffins with friends and they loved them - had to give them the recipe too!)

  3. Thank you! It wasn't as hard as it seems, and if you can sew straight lines (which I did mess up) it is a great fast project.

    I'm glad they liked the muffins! They've become a staple here. They are good for hungry troops, that's for sure.

  4. A beautiful use for the tapestry.