Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow, snow, and more snow.

I just keeps snowing. And then you get the driveway cleared, and it snows again. So now we're expecting snow tonight, and then again this weekend.

I actually like it. There is a quiet peace about these days. Lots of schoolwork is getting done. Plants are being watered. Laundry is caught up. When we get those bits of sun, I make sure the curtains are opened up. Candles are being lit.

There's something about being forced to stay in one place that helps you focus on the beauty of the steps through your day. A living liturgy.

And I'm starting to see how that liturgy turns you inward, and brings clarity.

February is a hard month to get through in homeschooling. It's the month of slog. But this year, instead of fighting it, I decided to sink into it. To accept it as a gift, instead of a battle.

The kids go out and play for a few hours each day. Gift. Cooking is stews, and soups, and lots of fresh bread. Gift.

Mornings are spent reading with pots of hot coffee and nestled dogs. Gift. Evenings are spent on games, blankets, and tea. Gift.

Knitting. Gift. Reading. Gift. Knitting. Twice a gift, yes. The children growing their talents. Gift. Time to be creative. Gift.

I get tired of wishing I was in another season. When I'm hot in August, I wish it was fall, or winter. When it's winter, I wish it was summer. I hate the mud in spring and wish summer would arrive. I way Christmas to hurry up and get here when it's October.

And when I'm constantly wishing I were in another reason, I never appreciate the season I'm in. The time flies so fast I can't remember my days.

So, this is the season of snow. Of forced quiet. Underneath that snow, Spring is coming, but right now, I'm going to really enjoy this hot tea, and those creative children, and those rays of sun. I'm going to enjoy each day and not slog through it, hating every moment. I'm going to be grateful for this quiet time, and delight in the gift that it is.


  1. This is a very nice post. Yes there is something about snow, and I think we should try to pay attention to it.

  2. Well, the way it's been snowing it's sure trying to get our attention! Can't fight it.

  3. Lovely reminder to just be here, now. I needed that. Thanks!