Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yarning Along

Another Wednesday is here, another week to join Ginny for her Yarn Along.

It seems to go so fast when you count the weeks in Yarn Alongs, even though we're at that time of year  where time seems to creep along so slowly.

This is the last of the January birthday presents. They're for my father, whose birthday we celebrated last week, but who just got his hat yesterday. Obviously this cowl will come even later.

Last week I had trouble with a super wash merino I had bought for the hat. It just wasn't going to withstand the extreme cold we're having. And, well, what's the point of having a hat on if it's not going to keep you warm?

So I went off to the yarn store (really, I try to work from my small stash) and bought two skeins of this cascade merino... I forget what. It's a chunky single ply whatever it is. The most important thing is that it works. It's warm. And I knit the hat on sz 4 dpn just in case.

This will be a simple cowl. I started with a k2k2 and then will stockinette and finish with a k2p2. We need function, here.

I'm reading Fr. Robert Barron's And Now I See, which is utterly amazing. If you know his voice, which very soothing and has this certain cadence to it, you can hear him saying it as you read, which I think is awfully fun-- it's like an audio book in your head. :p As for the book, I just can't speak highly enough of it. If you know anything about Fr. Barron, he has this way of making a very complex idea, simple. And it can be taken that way, or you can just start peeling back layers. This bool is both/and. There are things that as a Christian of over 30 years I thought I understood at least a little bit. Well, apparently I had them all wrong. It could be because I converted to Catholicism coming on 3 years ago, but these are pretty main stream beliefs he is just expounding on in ways I have never understood before. And he always brings history into it, so for a history geek, you're just happy all over.

The second book I'm reading less quickly is Rumer Godden's China Court. I came to love Rumor with her Poem of the Cock in her book Prayers from the Ark back when I was in high school. It just hit me as funny, and smart, and witty, and ironic all at the same time.

The Prayer of the Cock.

Do not forget, Lord,
it is I who make the sun rise.
I am Your servant
but, with the dignity of my calling,
I need some glitter and ostentation.
Noblesse oblige…
All the same,
I am Your servant,
only…do not forget, Lord,
I make the sun rise.


I mean, is that not hysterical? If you've ever seen a rooster you'd know how perfectly she captured their personalities with those few lines. And yet, you see yourself and all of humanity in there, also, which is its brilliance.

So, China Court. All that and more.

So what are you knitting and reading?

Join up with Ginny's Yarn Along.


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    1. Thank you! Your blog is so lovely, thank you for stopping by.

  2. Wool is one of my favorite things. It is versatile and "living" in that it is natural, which makes different wools have different qualities. Although, the superwash could have been a treatment that created a change in its ability to keep you warm. My feet are currently clad in superwash wool socks covered in felted wool slippers from Haflingers, and my feet are still ice cold! But then it is cold here in our sourthern state too.
    I have read China Court several years back, and I remember I liked it. That's all...I probably need to go refresh my memory...

  3. Cathy, I LIVE in my Halflinger wool clogs. I so understand.

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    1. Isn't it enchanting? Totally sticks with you.